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After a Direct general client hit 2 vehicles parked at my house at 5 am and left the scene, this company has not settled this, they sent a couple of letters , we did all they asked even agreed to receive 1/3 of the real value of the damage, and still have not gotten a dime, they are a bunch of delinquents and I hope I never have to deal with them again, and I hope someone could use this information to their advantage because dishonest companies such as DIRECT GENERAL do not deserve to be in business, God Bless

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Direct General in Durham bullies the people their clients hit & tell them they can't have a rental car. Their tactics have almost cost a person his scholarship to Duke.

Left a family with no way to get to a grocery store by delaying the rental car until the offer was out which was half the price of the car.

They do this intentionally so they don't have to pay for a rental car. Worst insurance company, ever.

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